Do you want to flatten your mummy tummy and get your body back so you fit into your favourite Summer dress or jeans?


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Vicky Warr, pre and post natal fitness expert.

The Mummy Tummy Transformation Challenge is for 12 weeks and will physically tone you up so you can get into that gorgeous dress or your favourite jeans. Not only that, you’ll begin to enjoy exercise or re-ignite your love of fitness and change how you think about food and what you eat.

And the best part? You don’t go it alone. You have the care of an expert post natal specific personal trainer and the support of a like-minded community of other mums. As a result you’ll be consistent and stick with your program to regain your figure and see an amazing difference.

Let’s reassure you there’s;
No dieting or calorie counting.
No tricky to follow meal plans or hard to follow recipes.
No long workouts in the gym needed.
No costly childcare required.

Instead the Beez Kneez Hive’s Mummy Tummy Transformation Challenge is a realistic online food and exercise program that takes into account your busy family life and the physical changes to your body.

This program been devised by Vicky Warr, the founder and mum of 2 small children, who fully understands how little time and energy mums have. She empathises with what happens to your body after having children but knows that with the right programme, advice and tools you can get your pre-pregnancy body back. No matter how long ago that was. It worked for her and it works for her clients.

Are you ready to take the 12 week challenge to lose your Mummy Tummy and get a better body…before it becomes far harder as you get that little bit older?


Why this post natal fitness programme differs to a general fitness
or other online fitness programme


  • Realistic, delicious nutrition plans based on real food you can easily access and make quickly that your children will like too.


  • The specific exercise advice to bring those tummy muscles back together, safely and progressively. They are designed for a body that had children, no matter when that was.


  • Bite-sized exercise videos that ramp up your fitness at a safe and sustainable level.


  • No gym or lots of difficult to store equipment needed! Exercise anytime, anywhere.


  • The care of an expert post natal personal trainer (no matter how many years ‘post natal’ you are).


  • The motivation and support of an online community of like-minded members so you feel like you are training and reporting back to others.


  • Email support to kick start your programme

It’s the combination that gets your body back and improves your confidence..conveniently brought to you with modern technology in one complete package.


If you do the Mummy Tummy Transformation Challenge,
you’ll lose the ‘mummy pooch’ and tone up all over so you fit back into your pre-pregnancy sleeveless dresses, favourite jeans and work suits..




  • A visually flatter tummy, so you can feel confident on the beach in your swimwear


  • Reducing any separation, a diastasis recti, you have between the two tummy muscles so you lose the ‘dome like’, ‘poochy’ appearance of your tummy, have less back ache and a stronger pelvic floor.


  • A trimmer waist, to get into your favourite jeans!


  • Toned arms, leaner legs and a better bottom to look hot in your vest top, strapless dress or slim fitting skirt.


  • More energy for your kids, to run a busy household and progress at work.


  • Better sleep to avoid you feeling cranky so you can enjoy your day.


Look at the amazing Mummy Tummy transformations our clients made in 12 weeks and you can do too!


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Here’s what you get during your 12 week Mummy Tummy Transformation Programme:


Exercise – NutritionCommunity


Exercise – what to do

12 Bite-Sized Videos that are:

  • Short, between 15 and 30 minutes so you can fit them into a busy working day or whilst your baby naps and have more time for other things.
  • Expertly instructed by a trainer with specific post natal qualifications to show you the exact exercises to target a tummy that had children, rather than general exercises such as the plank or crunch that can make your tummy muscles bigger not flatter!
  • Easy to follow with close up shots and technique tips so you know you are doing the exercise correctly and not going to risk hurting your back or knees.
  • Without lots of expensive, hard to store equipment. Many of our exercises use just your body weight, some dumbbells and bands, so you can save money and keep your house tidy.

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Exercise – when to do

If you’ve struggled to stick with an exercise program before, one reason is not planning.
  • A fitness calendar for each month, that shows you what video to do and when, meaning you don’t have to plan your workouts. Your fitness diary is done for you.
  • Personal exercise help and tips via the private facebook community group
November Monthly Calendar Image

Exercise – variety

If you’ve seen results but then plateaued or got bored it’s because your body needs variety and a challenge!

Ten minute challenges to target your tummy so you workout at the right intensity to start to notice a difference! These challenges will help you get fitter, quicker whilst still giving you the right kind of exercises.




Perhaps you’ve followed an exercise program or have been training and not seen results? Exercise alone is rarely sufficient for getting your tummy back. Good nutrition with the right amount of quality food combined with the exercise gets results.
Post-Baby-Food-Plan-3DMockupOne week delicious healthy starter food plan which is NOT a starvation diet! Instead you have carefully selected healthy delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners that your children will love too. And it’s food that you can buy from most shops.
HoneyFoodAccess to our range of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that your whole family can eat pick and that will help you regain your shape. You can pick and mix the healthy recipes to put together your own plan knowing that you do not have to sift through recipe books.
Facebook group - nutritionPersonal food recommendations. This is where you have the expertise of a nutritionist or trainer to make positive suggestions to your nutrition to really make a difference to your tummy and body shape. You simply take a photo of your meal or snack with your smartphone and post it in the facebook private community page. Your nutritionist trainer advises you so you know where to make changes or better choices.

Community and Support; so you won’t go it alone.

Have you ever got stuck into a new fitness or food programme only to find that by the third or fourth week you start to lose track, interest and motivation? Many people do at that stage…

Being part of our private facebook group community and having the specific personal attention of an expert trainer will keep you going, when it gets tough. That way you’ll stay consistent and on track, the key to Mummy Tummy Transformation and regaining your body shape success. PLUS Weekly personal quick check-ins with Vicky where you receive extra support where you need it and have your questions personally answered.QueenVicky
Match up with a fitness buddy via our private facebook group community.HoneyBuddy
Monthly Q and A’s sessions, where you get your personal questions answered and listen to a hot fitness or food topic. QueenQ&A
A private facebook group of like minded mums who keep you inspired and motivated so you don’t lose track and fail to complete your programme.facebook group - community 2


Who this programme is for


A new mama with a baby or toddler

As a new mum you’ll feel like your tummy will never be back to how it was before you were pregnant. You may have an abdominal separation, or diastasis, a weak pelvic floor, and feel like you’ve got ‘I’ve had a baby’ flabby bits. You want to know what to do to bring your tummy muscles back together, how to do it and you want results. You want short workouts that you can do when your baby naps without having to find someone to look after your baby when you exercise. You’d like support to make sure you are doing the right exercise and help with eating the right foods, in the right amount with any dieting, especially if you are breastfeeding. You’re at the right place! The Mummy Tummy Transformation Program is for you.

A not so new mama

You’ve been frustrated with your mummy tummy for some time and the stresses of work and being a parent has meant you’ve neglected your health and fitness. Or you have been going to the

gym, tried fitness programmes, personal trainers or pilates or other classes and struggled to stick with a program because you’ve tried to go it alone. Or perhaps you haven’t seen results as you’ve only addressed your fitness and not your nutrition. You want accountability and support and the motivation of other mums. You’re at the right place too, the Mummy Tummy Transformation Program is for you.

Special VIBee Offer!

£47 per month for 12 weeks

The cost of post natal fitness specialist Vicky Warr’s one to one, face to face, training is usually £75-£90 per hour so this is a very affordable way to access her expert services no matter where you are.

Limited to 20 places only


I Want To Transform My Mummy Tummy - 12 week programme


These new mamas and not so new mamas flattened their mummy tummies and you can do too…


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Join the Mummy Tummy Transformation Challenge today so you can look great on the beach and fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes..


Special VIBee Offer!

£47 per month for 3 months

The cost of post natal fitness specialist Vicky Warr’s one to one, face to face, training is usually £75-£90 per hour so this is a very affordable way to access her expert services no matter where you are.

Limited to 20 places only


I Want To Transform My Mummy Tummy - 12 week programme

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