This year is going to be different you say to yourself! Whether you are pregnant or just had a baby – it’s still vital you get a fitness programme that works and you do it!

Here’s how to get started (and I’m going to be frank!) No more excuses, no more easy options…

1. Forget going for more walks in the park. Please don’t kid yourself on this one. Jogging or fast paced walking for long periods of time with a buggy is not going to get you results. There are a lot of buggy and pram workouts springing up and whilst they are great for a chat with your mates from the feedback and research we’ve done, the trainers have not updated their workouts for years and the exercises are a little dull and basic! Honestly, the best exercises  are ‘functional’, ones which work your abdominals in all directions standing, turning, on all fours and moving through different ranges of motion get results. Interval cardio sessions are also key to burn as many calories in as short as time as possible.  Plus – upper body and lower body moves to tone and condition all body parts and boost the metabolism so the body burns calories faster. We use exercise bands to lengthen and stretch any tight muscles to avoid bulking up and get a toned, leaned physique.

2. Missing meals, counting points (pro points hello?) and cutting down on calories is NOT going to work in the long run. Be smart with food choices and do prepare your own. Eating plenty of lean protein at each meal choosing organic varieties is vital to boosting metabolism. Include essential fats and cooking with avocado oil or coconut oil at high temperatures for stir fries to really improve your skin tone.

3. Fitness is THE thing to be doing. “I’m going to join a gym!” I’ll start next week (I’ve got a cold this week) “I’m busy at work” are all excuses. Take action and get into the rhythm! Watching the fitness DVD with Gin and tonic in one hand is best after you’ve done it! Get good at exercising and you’ll feel strong,empowered, more confident and look amazing in weeks of getting going.

4. Decide your ‘thing’ and make it realistic. If you’ve not run before, don’t start six weeks after having a baby or enter a half marathon at the end of February. It’s not feasible and you’ll get demotivated. Choose your goal and then a realistic time scale (giving yourself a final end date so you have something to work to.

5. Take care. Condition and strengthen your body and joints first, improve your posture with corrective exercises and dynamically stretch to improve mobility and energy.

6. Ditch the scales and start measuring up. The scales weigh your whole body composition – muscle, water, fat and vital organs so they do not give you a real picture of your size. Muscle weighs more than fat so you’ll appear heavier. Taking your measurements will show you where you are loosing the inches and dropping dress sizes which is far more motivating!

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