One way to stay really motivated and on track is to take progress pictures of yourself. Remember that's why we stay off the scales. The scales can be discouraging as they don't show you how your tummy muscles are looking, how much stronger you are getting or how your muscle tone is improving!

Monitoring the appearance of your tummy by taking pics as you progress through your exercise program is a great way to keep up your momentum to stay on track. Visual representation of the changes is powerful and your progress photos will also show you how your posture has improved too. 

Here are my tips for taking your progress pics!

Take your photos at the same time of day each time, ideally in the morning before you have eaten. Be consistent, taking your pictures at the start then every 2 weeks so at the end of week 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Wear minimal clothing for the photo, bra and pants is best and take photo of your entire body from the front and side. You can choose to take a photo of just your stomach from the front and side but it's a good idea to be able to see your posture and how you stand as you'll become aware of the corrections you may need to make to your posture. 

An important point here is to avoid beating yourself up mentally about your stomach. Your body grew a baby and many physical and hormonal changes occurred during that the time of pregnancy, after the birth and in the months after. Try to notice the other changes; how do your clothes feel, how much energy do you have. Do you feel better and more positive? The other effects and benefits of exercise, like how it lifts your mood and increases your clarity and performance of your brain may not show in the photo! 


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