Bump and Beyond has today announced the launch of an at-home fitness platform that connects users with their postnatal exercise instructor and other participants via live video.

Getting to a gym and attending exercise classes is challenging for many mums with the travel time it takes to get there, not to mention the childcare to often organise.

Recent research from the University of Portsmouth* reveals that less than a quarter of mums return to the gym in the first year after having their baby with the main barriers being a lack of time and energy.

Despite this over 90% of women surveyed said their biggest motivator to exercise was ‘it is good for me’ and other key motivators were to lose weight, be happy and improve their health. So whilst many women understand the benefits of exercise, there is still a rapid decline to participate in exercise during the 12 months after birth.

Now with just the touch of a button, Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr has brought live video exercise classes with bite-sized routines specifically designed for mothers, that can be done anywhere, at any time. The effective studio fitness inspired workouts with expert instruction and feedback from your trainer plus interaction with other class participants make exercise truly fun, accessible and gives the same feeling you get from going to a gym or class. All of this without the usual gym demands of travel time, energy and childcare.

With a variety of classes; from core strength and flatter tummy, leaner legs and low impact, to high intensity, there is emphasis on safe postnatal specific exercises which are effective and with choices of duration from 10, 20 or 30 minutes they are easy to fit into the busiest of days. Class replays and on demand video routines are available too!

Plus to compliment the exercise, there are over 150 quick, healthy recipes suitable for the whole family without the need to spend hours in the kitchen preparing and cooking food.

Founder of Bump and Beyond and postnatal fitness expert, Vicky Warr says “the impact of not exercising after pregnancy makes it more difficult to recover, build strength and have energy to care for a young child. It is a time when most mothers need the right kind of exercise the most so I wanted to make it really accessible as well as fun whilst providing quality exercise instruction. With Bump and Beyond we’re pioneering the future of fitness, to create this unique, at-home digital experience of a class to your home. That way we’re able to offer flexibility in how and when mothers exercise to help conserve and build energy for motherhood and save them time.”

Ele Haabma one of the testing class participants said "I love the live video classes; they are easy to fit and I still get the buzz of a face to face class but without the hassle of getting there. I exercise whilst my child is sleeping and interact with other like-minded mums. The results are amazing too, in 4 weeks I’ve lost 5 cms from my waist”

Bump and Beyond has 2 membership levels; Fit and Fabulous and Super Toned Up; available for £16.50/month or £35/month respectively.


Vicky Warr, Founder
Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr
Tel: 07711 516442 or 44 (0) 1442 461670
e: vicky@bumpandbeyond.club

*Research conducted by The University of Portsmouth, 2018 as part of a study into the barriers and motivators on exercising during pregnancy and postpartum.

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