The Side Plank Lift
Perfect for trimming the waistline, just make sure you’ve have had your doctors clearance to exercise after the baby. Safe to perform if you have abdominal separation.

Body Benefits:
Tones your core, waist and works arms and shoulders. Improves post natal core strength and balance.

house-131-300x224 house-1271-300x224Start:
Lie on your right side, supporting your body with your knees and your right forearm. Take your top leg straight and raise your body up in a straight line, lifting the side of the waist and imagine your hip is going up to the ceiling.

Keep back straight and hips up. Breath out when you lift and pull in your abdominals and lift up your bladder and pelvic floor. This intensifies the abdominal contraction and works your pelvic floor (much needed post baby!).

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