Every Pregnant Woman Deserves a Great Body

To feel in the best shape ever during your pregnancy.

All it takes is knowing what to do.

Mama to be, you’ve come to the right place.


A plan for your body and growing baby bump, your aches and pains, your cravings and sickness. Done from home, it fits into your busy day, to make exercise and healthy food choices a breeze.   

One program you can do from anywhere. Lifetime access.

The Stages Within The Program

  • get toned up during your pregnancy.
  • feel strong and back pain free as you strengthen your core.
  • feel positive, empowered and ready to take on the highs and lows of pregnancy.
  • set yourself up for an easier, quicker recovery after birth.
  • gain a tighter, flatter tummy in the months after having your baby.
  • confidently return to activities and sport you love.

You’re guided through each week of your pregnancy, with:

  • exercise videos containing specific strength and conditioning exercises for your pregnant body at each stage.
  • healthy food ideas and tactics keeping cravings and nausea at bay.
  • insights to whether your baby is the size of a blueberry or watermelon and whether they are blinking or hearing your voice.
  • positive affirmations to keep you upbeat.

Who’s it for?
Whether this is your first baby, you want to feel far fitter and stronger this time around, you were fit prior to pregnancy and don’t want to lose it, you’re having some niggles, aches and leaking and want some help, this program is for you.

When do you begin?
Start from 8 weeks of your pregnancy up to 21 weeks to reap the benefits, with your doctors clearance that you have no complications to begin.

  • Bring your tummy muscles back together to heal your tummy muscle separation (diatasis recti).
  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor for body confidence.
  • C section recovery videos to ease discomfort, tighten and re-strengthen.
  • Tighten and flatten your tummy.

You’re guided through each week after having your baby to:

  • restrengthen, recover faster, tone your tummy stomach with short exercise videos.
  • feel energised, even after sleepless nights with healthy food ideas and tactics. 
  • understand the power of your body and how it’s changed with our insights.
  • be positive and calm to care for your baby, with mindset tips.

Who’s it for?
Mamas who had caesarian births, assisted or more straight forward births.

When do you begin?
Safe to begin immediately after delivery, months or years after.

Efficient and Effective. One Program, One Time Payment. Lifetime Access (Handy if you have another baby).

Recommended by: Doctors, Obstetricians, Women’s Health Physiotherapists, Midwives. Globally.

How it Works

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How to Have a Fit Pregnancy, Heal and Tone After Pregnancy!

Get the latest on abdominal separation, diastasis recti, pregnancy exercise, c section recovery tips and more.

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