Flatten Your Tummy Post Baby

Strengthen your core, pelvic floor and heal diastasis recti
With postnatal fitness expert, Vicky Warr.



Flatten Your Mummy Tummy 

A Flatter Tummy

A Stronger Core

Restore Diastasis Recti

A Healed Pelvic Floor

A Toned Body

More Body Confidence

My FREE 'Get a Flatter Tummy After Baby' 5 Day Kick Start gives you the best, safe postnatal exercises designed to heal, strengthen and flatten your tummy muscles with my encouragement and my expert instruction.  

Each day for 5 days, you will have my post pregnancy exercise video so you know which exercises to do and how to do them correctly. Plus you'll also receive extra bonus tips and be part of a community to get that kick start you need.

No gym, no need to travel, no need for childcare.

See you on the kick start

Vicky x

No energy or feeling exhausted?

These exercises are designed to improve your energy, even if you are having sleepless nights.

No time for exercise?

The 5 day kick start videos are short, just 10 minutes, to easily fit into a busy schedule or do whilst your baby or child naps.

This 5 day kick start is designed to get you started with exercising safely after having your baby. To really get a flatter tummy, look toned and heal an abdominal separation, you will need to do this consistently for more than 5 days.

I am here to help!

My full 8 week postnatal exercise plan, with short, expertly instructed videos targets your deep core muscles to heal, strengthen and flatten your tummy muscles safely. You'll also reduce an abdominal separation, if you have one, and feel in much better shape. 

The programme is specifically designed for bodies that have had babies no matter when that was. It is based on my through research on postnatal exercise and postnatal nutrition to keep up to date along with my 17 years' experience in the fitness industry and over 12 years' experience training pregnant and postnatal clients both locally and globally.  

Plus eating healthier after having a baby has never been easier. My easy, done for you meal plans and tasty, quick recipes will improve your muscle tone and have your energy levels soaring so you can run around after your children and feel body confident too.

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