• Fitness pants, leggings, yoga pants or running pants that look not only stylish but are also comfortable. Looking the part, means feeling the part and you will feel inspired to workout.
  • Fitness Top. A soft, lightweight yoga, fitness, dance or gym vest that provides optimal comfort.
  • A Sports Bra. Choose a sports bra which is well fitted and padded particularly if you are breastfeeding. A non supportive bra or a day bra that has not been specifically designed for sports will not give you the right support when you are exercising!
  • Athletic Trainers. Good quality supportive trainers will help with balance and stability. Some of the workouts you can do with barefeet, however some you’ll need trainers, choose running trainers, aerobic trainers or trainers designed to participate in sports. Fashion trainers such as converse all stars, pumps or loosely tied trainers are not ideal.
  • A Water Bottle. Invest in a gorgeous looking water bottle as a super stylish accessory. Sipping water will keep you energised and avoid you becoming dehydrated.


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