It is a comprehensive, progressive pregnancy exercise program from week to week of your pregnancy, like a paint by numbers training plan, designed to help you have an easier pregnancy with less aches and pains, stay toned up or even improve your muscle tone, improve strength and fitness for the endurance event of birth and recover faster after having your baby.

The program includes access to 3 phases:

1) Prepare.
2) Re-strengthen, tone, tighten and flatten. Post baby recovery and healing.
3) Progress. After phase 2, for more core strength and muscle tone. 
Each phase consists of a clickable plan chronologically presented week by week with a variety of 3-5 exercise videos for each week set in a progressive order.
Each week includes essential nutrition tips specific for dealing with pregnancy nausea and digestive issues and to help nourish the body during breastfeeding and after the birth.
Weekly live streamed group coaching calls and on-going support in between all in the same place as the content. The program and all support is accessible via one  platform and app.

Ideally in your first, second, third trimester as you’ll benefit from the step by step guidance to have an easier pregnancy, be fully prepared for birth and prepare ahead for their postpartum recovery, rather than leaving it for after the baby or years after!  

The program consists of expertly instructed videos and a week by week plan so you know what to do and when.

All my pregnancy and postnatal programs have helped thousands of women from around the world as long as you follow the program and are consistent. You need to be committed to doing the videos, learning from the insights videos so you understand your body and have decided that exercise is important enough to be in your plan.
Usually the thing stopping people is having the knowledge, skills, tools to get going and see results.

Whilst the program is provided via the  digital platform with the intention to follow it at home, in a relaxed enivironment plus check in with the community of like-minded mamas to be, you can use the app. for your phone whilst in the gym and follow along to the exercises with peace of mind that you are doing exercises that will be comfortable, safe yet still challenging.

Absolutely! The whole focus is on strengthening the deep core muscles, which includes your pelvic floor, this would complement the sessions with your pelvic floor specialist, physical therapist or women’s health physio. My method includes my method to release a hypertonic pelvic floor (constantly contracted pelvic floor).

You have lifetime access including any updates in the future. As long as the program is available, you’ll have access to the content and live group coaching calls.

YouTube is a fantastic resource. I  have my own You Tube channel and I love to make prenatal and postnatal videos accessible to everyone, HOWEVER, there is no serious structure or game plan. You end up spending time clicking on random videos trying to decide which one to do next or you just follow the same one, which gets rather tedious. 

Plus you may not be sure if you are doing the exercise correctly. I show you how to perform key exercises with perfect form. The goal with this program is to transform your life rather than just giving you a few exercise videos to follow. I’m wildly passionate about creating the ultimate resource and community of mamas on the planet so my personal support is ever present, as is the inspiration and information from the educational videos and like-minded community!

Any from those new to exercise to those who are regular exercisers or athletes. The program is progressive so you get fitter and stronger, like training for a marathon, you are training for birth and most importantly to do the lifting and carrying of a baby that come with being a mama. There are modifications for some of the exercises to make them easier plus the beauty of the program is that you can post a video to your coach so they can review your technique or tailor the exercise for you.

I’ve based my program on three things: Structure, Specificity and Accounability.
Everyone needs a plan if they want the best results. It also takes away the guesswork and stress thinking about what to do next.
These exercises have been carefully curated to meet the demands of pregnancy and the lifetime event of birth. I don’t modify exercises, I choose them with intent with the goal gaining tone and strength whilst safety and comfort are paramount. 

Accountability brings success; checking in helps you be on track and feel supported to make gains and take action.

Every phase requires:
A set (or one) mini looped resistance bands.
A soft core training ball (size of a football)
A resistance band with handles (with ability to change up the resistance)
A stability ball (for birth prep. exercises)

Optional (but lovely to have for releasing muscle tension)
A foam roller

Yes. We can work around most injuries and conditions with other exercises. Be sure to advise Vicky or team at the beginning of your program with details of your injury or condition on the screening form and keep us updated throughout about what’s working and what needs adapting.

The workouts never take more than an hour, and some much less; 10, 20 or 30m minutes depending on the type of workout. You’ll need 30 minutes or so for food preparation. Importantly you’ll need to make some time to engage and interact with Vicky and the group members to stay on track, be realistic about this, you’ll need 20-30 minutes minimum each week for this. This total time  won’t appear from thin air. You’ll need to rearrange your schedule and ditch some things that are not a priority over your health and well being  to accommodate your training. It’s an investment, with the rewards being self-confidence, body confidence, a potentially easier birth and faster recovery afterwards.

Big Yes! Sticking to your program is much easier when you have  people doing it alongside you. If you know someone else who’d like to join the program or someone who is already following the program, you’ll be able to follow them and share news and updates. If you want to join with a large group of 8 or more, get in touch beforehand so we can plan accordingly.

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The Honey Bee is $1 or £1.50 for your first month’s digital access thereafter it is $15 or £9.99 per month. Alternatively it is $134 or £89 for a year’s access which saves you just over $46 or £30 per year. You can cancel this at anytime.

The Mummy Tummy Transformation 12 week program is a single payment of $222 or £149 OR 3 monthly payments of $74 or £49 per month for 3 months.

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Yes – from time to time Vicky will add new videos keeping you up to date with the very latest in postnatal exercise. We’ll be letting you know of updates via the website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and via our newsletter.

Each video states the duration run time alongside it. The pointer at the beginning of the video also usually shows you the duration.

The products and workouts supplied on this web site are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of results.

Your level of success in attaining the results from using our workouts, meal plans, products and information depends on the time and frequency you devote to the program, your technique, your fitness level before you begin and your weight. Since these factors differ among each individual, we cannot guarantee your success or results, nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

Any and all of the before and after photographs on this web site or in any of our products are intended to show the transformations that many of our clients have achieved. However, many factors will be important in determining your actual results, and we make no guarantees that you will achieve results similar to anyone else’s.

In fact, as with any product or service, we know that some people will purchase membership or our products but never use them at all, and therefore will get no results whatsoever.

Remember you may cancel your membership at any time. In such instances, please see the terms and timelines indicated in the Terms and Conditions section on this site.

It is a comprehensive, progressive pregnancy exercise program from week to week of your pregnancy, like a paint by numbers training plan, designed to help you have an easier pregnancy with less aches and pains, stay toned up or even improve your muscle tone, improve strength and fitness for the endurance event of birth and recover faster after having your baby.


  • You want a proven step by step, chronological  plan for understanding your body and the process of pregnancy with a variety of challenging, yet safe and comfortable exercise videos structured week by week according to your stage of pregnancy. 
  • You are willing to put in some effort! Pregnancy is dynamic and you’ll need to keep engaged with Vicky and her team for momentum so you reap the benefits.
    If you plan to invest in the program and get to it whenever you get to it. Then you may wish to hop to You Tube for an ad hoc video there. 
  • If you value your health, recognise the long term benefits of looking after your body so you can look after your baby and the others in your family, then this program is for you.


  • You are looking for a quick fix either during or after your pregnancy, where you don’t have to put in any work. 
  • Someone who is looking for someone else to motivate them because they don’t recognise the benefits of exercise and don’t really want to allocate the time to do it. 
  • Someone who calls themselves very ‘fit’ with a daily walk once weekly gym trip. Whilst walking is great, and a weekly gym trip is better than nothing, it’s the bare minimum and doesn’t mean you are strong, fit and know what’s best. 
  • You are an ‘all or nothing’ so if you miss a day or two, you’ll give up, or will come back to it when you ‘have more time’. You’ll most likely put it on the back burner and never get to it. We want those who love to take action and show up to  feel great!

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