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To Be Fitter, Stronger and Healthier During Pregnancy and Beyond.

You love sports and exercise, however now you are pregnant, you may be feeling..


..when you search on the web for ‘pregnancy exercise’, the advice can be conflicting.


..about which exercises are safe and which are not. You still want some challenging exercises.

Worried you may have to stop going to the gym..

..there is a lack of classes specifically for pregnant women and prenatal specialist exercise trainers.

Frustrated with comments from friends and family such as..

..”you’ll need to retire from your sport”, “now is the time to take it super slow” or “carry on with what you were doing before”.

A little alone.. don’t know anyone else who is pregnant. None of your training friends or teammates are pregnant. Who can you get together with to talk about pregnancy and share your experiences?

We are so glad you are here!
You’ve come to the right place.

We engage in pregnancy workouts, connect with others during this new phase, and gain valuable insights to feel fit and strong for a healthy, positive pregnancy.

Ideal For Athletic, Sporty and Exercise Loving Pregnant Women.

Consult your doctor or health professional and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. Results may vary. Exercise and the correct nutrition are necessary to achieve and maintain muscle tone and weight loss. Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr is a registered trademark of Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr Ltd., ©2024 Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr. All rights reserved.

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