Meet Vicky, Founder and Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness Expert, Nutrition Coach and Presenter.

Vicky Warr, has over 18 years' experience in the fitness industry, and has been fortunate to work with mothers to be, mothers of newborns, toddlers and young children from all over the world to help them to be fit, toned and strong through all stages of motherhood.

Her method is based on her many years' worth of training clients online and face to face and keeping up to date with the latest research in the world of pregnancy and postnatal exercise. Vicky's method is designed to improve tone, strength, energy and fitness with specific consideration to the changes that the body goes through during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Her aim is that by achieving this mothers, like you, can feel the benefits being healthy and fit brings to your life; happiness, confidence and the strength to deal with the demands of being a parent. By helping you become a role model to your family Vicky's method teaches you how to make great lifestyle choices for you and your family.

She is also the go-to writer for Gurgle Magazine and regularly works with the best Women's Health Physiotherapists and Women's Health Experts. Her method is recommended by Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital in London and Doctors. 

Vicky's Story

Prior to starting in the fitness industry, I worked as a radio presenter at London radio stations including BBC Radio London and then as a senior project director for a global advertising agency. At the advertising agency, ironically, my clients included a cigarette brand, Foxes Biscuits and Anchor Butter!

After 10 years in this industry, I was feeling low on energy and out of shape. I decided to do something about it so I joined local exercise classes and read about how to eat more healthily. After a year of making changes to my eating habits and exercising, I felt far fitter, looked in much better shape and had heaps more energy! I then took my fitness to another level and then trained for marathons and triathlons.

With my new passion for fitness, I wanted to help others achieve the same as I had so I certified as an advanced level personal trainer and then took additional qualifications in prenatal and postnatal exercise and nutrition. I started training women, many of whom were either pregnant, had given birth or had young children. Many of these women reached out to me as they had been following general exercise classes or training at the gym and not getting results. They were finding there was a lack of specialised advice for pregnant women and  after having children their gym program wasn't working for their 'pooched' tummy muscles. They also felt tired or had back pain, shoulder pain or neck ache and lack of time was an issue. The general programs they were following were not tailored to the physical, emotional, hormonal and lifestyle changes that they were experiencing.

So with my knowledge and a ton of research I devised my method; exercises tailored to pregnancy and post pregnancy, recipes with foods that nourish the body to reclaim health and vitality and put together realistic plans that worked for sleep deprived, overwhelmed and busy mothers and mothers to be!

During this time, I experienced pregnancy and birth myself (twice) to add that 'inside' knowledge to my method.

I'm here to share my knowledge and expertise with you too; so you can feel fit and fabulous or super toned, or even both, during motherhood and beyond.

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