Post Baby Workout For Arm Toning

This post baby workout for arm toning on a rebounder by Bellicon will not just make your arms sculpted and leaner, the exercises are designed to strengthen your arms for lifting, carrying, holding and rocking your baby too.

Additionally, this unique workout has two further benefits for your body; core strengthening and happiness boosting! Rebounding on the Bellicon provides an ideal post baby workout as it targets your deep core muscles; after pregnancy and birth, these muscles require a re-strengthening program to effectively flatten, tone and rehabilitate the muscles.

A rebounder workout is fun and will help lift your mood and encourage a release of endorphins, the happy hormones for a post-pregnancy workout that’s safe, effective and happiness-inducing. Plus this post-baby workout is just 20 minutes, easy to fit into a busy schedule of a mom or whilst your baby naps.

Due to the soft spring mat of the rebounder, exercising on this surface means your body automatically uses your abdominal, back, waist and pelvic muscles to maintain your balance. This means you are engaging the deeper muscles of your core, required to stabilise your spine and body. When you strengthen these deeper muscles, you achieve better balance, stability and a flatter, toned tummy too.

By combining arm exercises on the Bellicon you not only have a great arm workout post pregnancy you are strengthening your core postpartum for better strength as you enter motherhood and do all the daily activities involved of being a mom.

This is a suitable workout after c section and if you have a mild diastasis recti.

This post baby workout has full instruction so you know you are doing the exercises correctly. Follow here.

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