These pregnancy exercises for back pain will help you relieve back pain fast, keep your body mobile and relieve your discomfort.
Pregnancy exercises for back pain

Are you suffering from pregnancy back pain?

These pregnancy exercises for back pain will help you relieve back pain fast, keep your body mobile and relieve your discomfort.

All the stretches and exercises are comfortable for your body and safe for your baby and will help give you pregnancy back pain relief. Whilst backache during pregnancy is common as your abdomen grows with your baby developing inside you, you don’t have to just live with it. By incorporating this pregnant stretching routine into your week, these prenatal exercises will help prevent pregnancy back pain and help prevent it from returning.

To explain why pregnancy back pain is common, there are two main factors contributing to lower back pain; your body is carrying out in front the weight of your baby so your growing belly tends to pull on your spine so the curve in the lower part of your back is more pronounced. Your body then tries to compensate by lengthening the upper back and rounding the shoulders and neck. 

The other factor is your body is releasing more hormones to cause the joints to relax in preparation for childbirth. Whilst the purpose of the extra hormones is to help the pelvis open out for childbirth, the pregnancy hormone, relaxin releases those extra hormones into all the joints of the body not just the pelvis including the joints of your vertebrae causing the joints of the vertebrae to be more lax and less stable.

To relieve pregnancy back pain, these pregnancy back pain exercises in this video include stretches for the muscles which are typically tight such as the hips, upper back, the multifidus, the muscle surrounding the spine and the obliques, the muscles of the waist. The video provides two exercises, the pelvic tilt and the glute bridge where you rest on pillows to avoid lying on your back and these 2 exercises help strengthen your pelvis and glutes to help stabilise your pelvis and take the pressure off the small extensor muscles, called the erector spinae group, the spinalis of the lower back.

Keep your body toned or improve your tone during pregnancy, stay in shape and even increase your fitness to support your body to help have an easier birth and recovery post birth.
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