In this video, 15-minute stretch postpartum DAILY routine which is diastasis recti friendly and suitable for after c section has been designed to release tension in your shoulders, chest, neck, hips and back.

The stretches are typically targeted for new moms who are lifting, carrying and feeding their babies and want to stretch out typically tight muscles without over-stretching their joints, which are commonly lax after the influx of pregnancy hormone, relaxin.

It’s a relaxing postnatal workout (that doesn’t feel like a workout) that’s short and easy to do in the morning or evening as part of your daily postnatal fitness routine. With elements of postnatal yoga (postpartum yoga) and dynamic stretches, I designed it so that those moms/mums who may have a diastasis recti, otherwise known as abdominal separation know that these exercises are safe for their body. There are no exercises that would overstretch the connective tissue of your linea alba, which has been stretched due to the baby growing inside of you and your uterus. If you do not have a diastasis recti, this 15 minute stretch postpartum is appropriate for you too.

No equipment is required!

Combine this routine with a postnatal low impact cardio routine to improve your overall fitness and manage weight effectively. Try out this one.

Are you looking to re-strengthen your core after pregnancy, heal diastasis recti and, or minimise diastasis recti with subsequent pregnancies? Then check out my diastasis recti healing videos on my you tube channel here.

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