exercises for breastfeeding moms

Exercises for Breastfeeding Moms to Tone and Lift the Bust (GET A SCULPTED UPPER BODY)

These exercises for breastfeeding moms are five of my best ones to help tone and lift your bust. It’s a short 20-minute routine you can do at home whilst your baby naps!

I created this video in response to a request from a new mum who wanted postpartum exercises as she felt her breasts were saggy after spending much time feeding her baby. Not only that she had tension in her neck, back and shoulders which had become sore from hunching over.

These postnatal exercises may help you lose weight after pregnancy, to tone and lift your bust and sculpt your back too. Be sure to listen to the cues for breathing so you will effectively engage your core muscles.

I always recommend wearing a supportive maternity sports bra when doing postnatal exercises. This workout is also great for moms who are not breastfeeding but still looking to sculpt their upper body and arms.


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