Video for Diastasis Recti Healing Exercises

Diastasis Recti Healing Exercises to tighten your tummy muscles after pregnancy.

By Vicky Warr, Founder of Bump and Beyond, Online Pre and Postnatal Fitness Studio

This diastasis recti healing exercises video will show you the exercises to help fix a diastasis recti. Diastasis recti, rectus diastasis or ab separation is often a symptom of what many women call the ‘mommy tummy’ or ‘mummy tummy’. It’s where the connective tissue that covers your paired ‘six-pack’ muscle stretches to lose some elasticity and less ability to keep the paired muscle together. During pregnancy, a stretch of the tissue will occur as the baby grows inside and pushes forward onto the abdominal wall, causing the two halves of this paired muscle, the rectus abdominals, to distance away from each other.

With many women, the pairs of muscle go back together naturally within the first few months after childbirth but with some women, it doesn’t and a distance of varying degrees, which is individual to the woman remains.

Strengthening the connective tissue and muscles requires specific recovery, re-training of the muscle and exercises that effectively prioritise the correct muscles. If you know or suspect you have a diastasis recti, these diastasis recti healing exercises along with gentle daily movement, correcting posture and eating foods which promote the production of collagen in your body will help heal, strengthen and close the separation. All the exercises in this video are also suitable for mothers who have had a c-section birth too.

Seek diastasis recti physical therapy, or help from a women’s health physiotherapist if you suspect or can see that you have a diastasis recti of more than 2.5 fingers width or 2.5cm’s and, or the fascia tissue feels weak and stretched.

Leave a comment below to video and let me know which exercise you liked the best.

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