Get leaner legs and stronger glutes with these leg exercises for pregnancy video.

This video ‘Leg Exercises for Pregnancy Toning’ has safe movements for all trimesters, comfortable for your body and your bump and safe for your baby.

Uma who is in fact 33 weeks pregnant in the video and I guide you through exercises on both the floor and standing, with 2 circuits of each series of exercises:

Floor exercises:
Side Lying Foot Taps for glutes
Side Lying Knee Lifts for core and legs
Hip Bridge for glutes and core
Hip Bridge With Out & In for inner thighs

Standing exercises: 

Lateral step squats for thighs, hamstrings and glutes
Wall donkey kicks for core and glutes
Reverse leg kicks for hamstrings and glutes

With my full instruction and both Uma and myself doing the exercises with you, you’ll feel confident you are doing the exercises correctly.  You’ll feel comfortable and with the use of the looped resistance band you have that extra challenge.

Thousands of my clients have followed these leg exercises for pregnancy and they are specifically designed to not only help improve muscle but strengthen muscles of the pelvis too which improves your posture, reduces lower back pain and improves stability and balance.

Monitor your intensity levels during our workout today; making sure you can hold a conversation throughout.  Stay hydrated by sipping water when you need it and make sure the room you are in is well ventilated.

Disclaimer: Be sure you have been cleared to exercise and there is no medical reason you have been given by your health practitioner to not exercise.
Leg Exercises For Pregnancy Toning Safe For All Trimesters.

Do share this exercise video with any of your mom/mum-to-be or mommy/mummy friends who you may feel might find it helpful to help them have a fit, strong, healthy body during their pregnancy and set themselves up for easy recovery after birth. 

Would you like the healthiest pregnancy, specifically:

  • To improve or keep your body tone plus feel super confident throughout your pregnancy? 
  • Reassurance that the exercises you do would be suitable and comfortable for your pregnant body, whilst still challenging and safe for your baby? 
  • A structure so you know which exercise videos to do and when?
  • Personal support to keep you on track? 
    with more energy? 
  • To support your baby’s healthy development by knowing which foods would be right to eat even if you’re suffering from some cravings or nausea? 

Book a call with myself or one of my team to see if my ‘Best Body’ program would be the right fit for you. Schedule your call here.


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