Are you looking for easy postnatal exercises to strengthen and tone up your body, safely after having a baby? The Hip Lift is an excellent postnatal exercise which targets the bottom and is a great one to start with.

It targets all three muscles of your gluteals, the technical term for your bottom which is one of the muscles that typically gets weak during pregnancy. This postnatal exercise targets the deeper muscles at the top of your bottom (just below your belt line), the outside (side of your hip) and right in the middle of your bottom too. Plus it helps tone the deep abdominal muscles so you can re-gain strength in your core.

As you are lying on your back to do this exercise, and there is no equipment involved, you can get away with doing it in your pyjamas, like our model, making it an ideal exercise to do if you’ve just had a baby and can’t leave the house!* Here’s how to do the exercise correctly. There is also a video version of this exercise using a soft core training ball, watch the video by clicking here.

The Hip Lift

Start Position

postnatal exercise, the hip lift

Postnatal exercise; The Hip Lift, Start Position

Begin on your back with your legs bent, your feet flat on the floor and your arms resting on the floor beside you with your palms facing upwards.

Postnatal exercise; The Hip Lift, Action

Postnatal exercise; The Hip Lift. The Action.


  1. Exhale & draw your belly button gently in & down by about 50% to feel some tension in the lower abdominals.
  2. Clench your bottom.
  3. Lift your hips up off the floor, pushing into your heels to the point where your hips are aligned with your thighs.
  4. Inhale then exhale & imagine you are zipping up a jacket from your pubic bone up to your bra strap to tighten your stomach muscles.
  5. Hold for 1 second, inhale & lower your hips back to the floor.

The Hip Lift Technique TipHow many?

1 x 12 holding each lift for 1 second.
 1 x 12 ‘pulses’ – this is where you lift your hips up & whilst keeping the hips off the floor lift
& clench the bottom up & down just 3 cms, 12 times, exhaling on each ‘pulse’.
Repeat once more

*Always have your Doctor’s postnatal check (usually 6-8 weeks after giving birth) which gives you the clearance to exercise post baby.


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