This prenatal workout cardio and core gives you five prenatal exercises to improve fitness and help you prepare for the endurance of birth and five prenatal exercises to safely strengthen your abdominals during pregnancy.

Hosted by Vicky Warr, founder of Bump and Beyond, the prenatal workout is just 30 minutes and is suitable as a great second-trimester workout or third-trimester. The prenatal core exercises in this video help strengthen your deep core muscle, the transverse and your pelvic floor, help improve stability around your pelvis and help strengthen the muscles that support your spine.

The prenatal workout has cardio exercises designed to help improve pregnancy fitness to avoid excess weight gain during pregnancy and increase aerobic fitness for birth and beyond.

The aim of this pregnancy workout is to help you have a fit pregnancy, workout during pregnancy at home and the focus with all Vicky’s pregnancy workouts is that the exercises are comfortable, support your body during each stage of pregnancy and are safe for you and your body.


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