When you’ve had a baby, no matter when that was, conventional abdominal exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, bi-cycle crunches and some pilates and yoga moves will not flatten your tummy. In fact, they can worsen and create a post pregnancy ‘pooch’ or dome like shape instead. The isolated movement of these exercises, often included in many general fitness classes, creates force at the midline and bulges the rectus abdominis (the six pack muscles) forward. This widens any distance you have between the right and left half of your rectus abdominis from the midline. Known as a Diastasis Recti which can occur during pregnancy and childbirth (but not limited to just these, men may have diastasis recti too and other populations), this shows as a ‘pooch’ where you still look pregnant no matter what exercise you do or good nutrition you undertake.

Tummy Tighteners

  1. Stand or sit with good posture, ribs over hips.
  2. Place the back of one hand in the small of your lower back and the other hand over the belly button.
  3. Inhale and relax feeling your abdomen move forward, keep your shoulders down and your chest still.
  4. Exhale opening the mouth and gently pull your belly button in slightly towards the back and where you hand is resting in your lower back, At the same time make a ‘Hee’ sound as you exhale. (I know it sounds funny but it helps with making sure you exhale deeply with your mouth open!). Hold that tension.
  5. Repeat and pull the belly button in slightly more towards the hand which is resting on your lower back. Again say ‘Hee’ and hold that tension.
  6. Repeat again, exhaling as you pull your belly button in further and saying ‘Hee’.
    Inhale and relax.
  7. Repeat this routine 5-10 times daily. You can do this as soon as you lead the hospital after having your baby or if you have older children but are still suffering with a mummy ‘pooch’.

Train smartly and safely after you’ve had a baby for firm flat abdominals and a tighter waist. For expert video instruction with specifically designed moves to strengthen your core from the inside out, check out TheBeezKneez Floor Core Preview Video with Vicky Warr.

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