Mummy tummy exercise to tighten and tone your tummy after baby.

This mummy tummy exercise video will help you lose the mummy tummy, or mommy tummy or what many women call the ‘mom pooch’ after pregnancy and can be frustrating! The mummy tummy is often a symptom of abdominal separation, medically called diastasis recti or sometimes called postpartum abs diastasis.

This is where an abdominal separation develops usually during the third trimester and the separation or distance doesn’t reduce in the first few months, year or years after birth. The separation occurs between the mid-line of your six-pack muscle (the rectus abdominis muscle which a paired muscle). When doing certain activities such as sitting up from the bath or bed, women with diastasis recti will see a ‘coning’ or ‘doming’ of their stomach.

There are specific exercises which will help heal the mummy tummy, abdominal separation (diastasis recti) and there are exercises that will make it worse. So whilst you may be hitting the gym and going to fitness classes, cross fit, body pump or yoga, some of the exercises included in these workouts are not suitable for new mothers or mothers with abdominal separation and will make it worse, meaning your tummy will not only feel weak but will continue to look ‘pooched’ or as if you are still a few months pregnant.

This mummy tummy workout, gives you exercises to help heal a diastasis recti and is a great postpartum workout to tighten, tone and flatten the mommy tummy. With safe exercises, this is a very effective postpartum abs workout you can do at home whilst your baby sleeps or plays next to you.

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