Post Natal Workout

This video, postnatal workout for weight loss and tone, will help shape up after pregnancy with low impact exercises which are safe for your joints, your core and your pelvic floor. If you are healing a diastasis recti, these exercises will avoid straining your abdominal separation and give you comfort in that you are not doing your body any harm.

It’s a 20 minute home workout you can do whilst your baby naps plus you will lift your mood, release endorphins, the happy hormones, and get you fit and healthy for motherhood.

Postpartum weight loss can be frustrating and exercise often difficult to fit in when you have a baby to care for and often other children too. Information about what exercises you should and should not do is sometimes misleading. Often, health practitioners, trainers, gyms, friends and family will give you unwitting advice telling you to run, go to the gym and do crunches if you seek advice to help you lose weight.

With that in mind, many women, unintentionally, rush back to the leaps, bounds and burpees of a fitness class or go out running because they want to get straight back to the exercise they were doing before pregnancy. High impact activities such as these may cause strain to your knees, pelvic floor muscles and back after pregnancy as your joints are still susceptible due to the effects of the hormones, relaxin which your body produced in heavier doses to help your pelvis widen to allow your baby to ease through the birth canal.

Starting with low impact moves whilst your body recovers, heals and strengthens after the hormonal changes will help you have a great workout whilst avoiding straining your body. Low impact movements that have been chosen to take into account that your body has taken extra strain carrying a human being inside you and then delivering it the world allows you and your body to gradually progress to higher impact exercises once your muscles have strengthened. You’ll lose weight safely, see results and will avoid the risk of injury or pain, which is what you want when your body is now adjusting to different daily movements of carrying, holding, lifting, feeding and rocking your baby, often when you are sleep deprived.

When returning to exercise after pregnancy please ❤️🤱 be mindful that your body has homed, carried and birthed a new life. That given, try to embrace patience and kindness to your muscles 🤗.

With this postnatal workout for weight loss:

⭐you’ll still have a challenge

💪you’ll feel like you’ve exercised

😁you’ll feel happier afterwards as we release some endorphins together.

⛑️you’ll know you are protecting your joints until your muscles strengthen to support them.

These easy moves in a short amount of time were designed to help your body after pregnancy become fitter and stronger and to encourage weight loss safely. This workout is for moms who had their baby more than 6 weeks ago and feel ready to start back with exercise that makes them feel good and avoids any stress to their abdominals or joints.

Follow along with me, Vicky Warr, here. There are easy and more challenging versions of each exercise.

How to Have a Fit Pregnancy, Heal and Tone After Pregnancy! Get the latest on abdominal separation, diastasis recti, pregnancy exercise, c section recovery tips and more.

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