Do you struggle with a weak pelvic floor and want some pelvic floor exercises after pregnancy?

This video is suitable for new moms and mums and gives some of my best pelvic floor exercises after birth and beyond. Do you get bored with pelvic floor exercises? Then these are designed to be a bit more fun so you can finally enjoy doing pelvic floor strengthening exercises!

In this video Pelvic floor exercises after birth for moms (STOP LEAKING WHEN LAUGHING, COUGHING OR JOGGING), I guide you through step by step how to do pelvic floor exercises after birth to give you some physical therapy for your pelvic floor so you can stop leaking when laughing, coughing or jogging! These pelvic floor safe core exercises are suitable for most women who have pelvic floor weakness, pelvic floor dysfunction and are seeking physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction.

With pelvic floor exercises postpartum try to do these regularly, aiming for 4 times a week as pelvic floor exercises post pregnancy, sometimes called kegel exercises for pelvic floor, help strengthen this all important muscle so you can regain your self confidence and eliminate stress incontinence which can be such a confidence knocker to many moms and mums.

This video gives tips too for making sure you incorporate your pelvic floor exercise after giving birth as it’s easy to overlook it! As many women do not know how to relax and release the muscle too which also leads to incontinence and weakness, watch the video to the end as I have a bonus exercise which helps relax and release tension in the muscle too.

The exercises included in this video are:

  1. Activating your pelvic floor lying down and sitting
  2. Ball Squeeze on Your Side.
  3. The Hinge Back
  4. The Squat with Pelvic Floor Lift
  5. Squat with turn.
  6. Hip Rotation
  7. Pelvic Floor Release Stretch

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