This post baby workout is a 20-minute video to tone your bottom and core using the Bellicon rebounder. Featuring 8 exercises on the pliable, soft spring mat of the Bellicon rebounder your body automatically engages your abdominal, back, waist and pelvic muscles to maintain your center of gravity and stay stable on this surface.

At the same time, the rebounder is a softer surface, with less impact to the joints of your body than the harder surfaces of pavement or rough terrains. It’s important to keep in mind that pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on the body, especially in the lower back and pelvis, plus due to the growing uterus during pregnancy, the muscles of your core weaken. Weight gain, influx and changes in hormones cause looseness of the ligaments and tendons in the joints which may contribute to pain in areas postpartum.

With these factors in mind along with consideration to the type of birth you underwent, particularly if you had a caesarian, plus inevitable, natural abdominal separation (known as diastasis recti) and common pelvic floor weakness, your choice of exercise after the birth of your baby will either hinder or aid your recovery.

This post baby workout video aims to two things:

1) Place less strain to your susceptible joints, spine and the smaller, extensor muscles around your spine. Introducing the Bellicon rebounder with its soft bungee cords, rather than steel springs of a mini trampoline or exercising on harder surfaces provides a very effective low impact post-baby workout that is kinder to your body.

2) Provide you with safe exercises that activate, strengthen and tone your deep core muscles and glutes. This will help you with the practical day to day role and demands of being a mother. Lifting, carrying, rocking and feeding your baby with more energy and less pain. Besides these practical benefits, strong muscles are toned muscles. Typically, many new mothers desire a flatter tummy after pregnancy and many wish to sculpt and lift their bottom or butt too.

With the combination of the Bellicon mat’s soft surface to give the ability for your body to engage your muscles more efficiently plus the low impact style of these exercises, not only will your postpartum core and glutes tone faster, you’ll achieve a stronger, better-conditioned body safely in less time.

There are exercises in this video are suitable for diastasis recti and for those mothers who’ve had a caesarian birth too.

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