This post c section workout has 6 of my best moves to tone and lift your butt.

Follow this c section exercise video to the end as we activate your glutes for not just a better-looking butt, a stronger one too so your body fires up these muscles for daily movements such as walking, climbing stairs, lifting your baby and pushing the buggy or stroller. I show you how to do the exercises and position yourself correctly to avoid strain to your stomach, scar or back.

This postpartum workout after c section is one you can do at home whilst your baby naps. Plus it’s a good post-pregnancy workout for your butt too if you haven’t had a c section as the exercises are diastasis recti friendly too.

Make sure you’ve healed and fully recovered after birth before starting this post c section workout. These exercises can be started usually after 4 to 6 weeks but it depends on the mom or mum and how she is recovering so ensure your scar is not infected or inflamed before starting exercise. I always advise seeing a women’s health physiotherapist or a physical therapist help with your postnatal assessment and recovery.


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