After c section exercises to tone thighs and hips for slimmer legs and for whole-body strength after pregnancy and cesarean birth.

This postpartum workout has been specifically designed for those moms and mums who have had a c section whether that was weeks or years ago. Whilst, aesthetically, the exercises target and tone your thighs and hips these after c section exercises have been designed with a fundamental underlying reason to strengthen your body after birth.

Rebuilding strength in your lower body is essential for performing and enjoying the daily activities of being a mom or mum; playing with your baby on the floor, picking up your baby, pushing your baby in their stroller or buggy. A c section birth is major surgery. Recovery after a c section is usually longer than other births and the healing around the scar and muscles requires care, rest and then the right kind of breathing techniques with the right kind of exercises.

Postpartum exercise after c section needs to involve exercises that are in comfortable positions and avoid strain to your scar or stomach to avoid worsening any abdominal separation, known as diastasis recti or bringing pain to your stomach area.

The aim of this post c section workout is to give you exercises you feel are designed for you; a c section mama who wants to feel good about their body again, heal, re-strengthen and have more body confidence.

Aim to follow this video 3-4 times a week, on non-consecutive days.

Include eating healthy foods that will help promote healing of your scar and manage weight loss with postnatal low impact cardio-vascular exercise.

All my after c section exercise videos have exercises that aim to avoid pulling your scar when you move and will help you improve your fitness postpartum.

Do share this video and let me know, in the comments below the video, on You Tube, what other videos you’d like to see, to help you recover, strengthen and tone after c section.

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