Postnatal Pelvic Floor Exercises

These postnatal pelvic floor exercises on the Bellicon® Rebounder strengthen the pelvic floor after pregnancy in a fun, effective way.

Whilst doing kegel exercises is a great start to understanding where your pelvic floor is, knowing how to exercise your pelvic floor postpartum to prevent leaking and incontinence is more than just doing kegel exercises.

Your pelvic floor is part of your core and needs to be trained to interact with the other muscles of your core in the right pattern to function correctly; that is to hold your pelvic organs in place, for continence and to support your abdominal muscles. There are 9 exercises in this video giving you a complete postnatal pelvic floor workout on a rebounder.

These pelvic floor exercises after pregnancy are designed to aid your postpartum recovery and are suitable for those women seeking to strengthen and tone up their pelvic floor to prevent incontinence when laughing, coughing, sneezing or doing sport or daily activity. The Bellicon ® rebounder, unlike a mini trampoline with steel springs, has soft bungee cords which help train the pelvic floor to flex, contract, relax, like any other muscle of your body. The flexibility of the soft bungee cords means the core and pelvic floor have to work and interact to stabilise with every bounce.

Above all, after the traditional kegel exercises to help you identify the correct muscle and learn how to contract and relax it, the postnatal pelvic floor exercises in this video is your next step, doing movement and applying the technique in this video will help train your pelvic floor in movement.

With the Bellicon ® Rebounder, the exercises are fun whilst safe for your body and recovery post-birth!

Pelvic Floor Issues. When to seek professional help

You should seek the guidance and professional help of a women’s health physiotherapist or physical therapist if you have bladder or bowel control problems and experiencing these symptoms:

  • Difficulty emptying your bladder or bowel
  • Urgent or frequent visits to the toilet to pass urine or for bowel movements.
  • Accidental leakage of urine, bowel movements or wind
  • Feeling of downward pressure in the vagina or vaginal heaviness or feeling a bulge
  • Pain in your bladder, bowel or in your back around the pelvic floor area or pelvis when exercising the pelvic floor or during intercourse

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, they may not be associated or linked with weakness in your pelvic floor and should be assessed for the correct treatment plan.

Speak to a health professional if you have persistent problems with your bladder or bowel. Incontinence and pelvic floor weakness after pregnancy can have many causes and needs to be fully assessed by a women’s health professional or physical therapist before starting a pelvic floor muscle training program. As with all exercise, pelvic floor exercises and a pelvic floor exercise program is most effective when created to meet the needs of the individual and then monitored with appropriate, timely progressions. The exercises in this video are intended as a guide only and if done incorrectly may not help you and may not be appropriate for your level or condition.

Which is your favourite exercise? Tell me in the comments below 👇.

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