This postnatal workout low impact cardio routine helps mothers lose body fat and manage weight loss safely and healthy post-pregnancy whilst strengthening and toning their muscles too.

This video shows five of my best post-pregnancy low impact cardio exercises, suitable for those looking for a specific postnatal workout after c section or for those looking for postnatal exercises that can help them get into great shape after a more straightforward birth too.

Losing weight isn’t always easy after pregnancy, there are a number of factors that come into play, hormones, lack of sleep, lack of time to exercise and also choosing the wrong type of exercise.

A new mother or mother in the early years of giving birth needs a postnatal workout which is specific and safe. Rushing back to general exercise to quickly without given due diligence to strengthening the muscles of the core and pelvic floor with the correct exercises and the right level of progression increases her risk of aches, pains leading to injury.

Not only that she wastes a whole lot of time doing exercises that don’t get her results.

Attempting running, boot camps for everyone, circuits for everyone, traditional stomach exercises, HIIT classes, body pump classes, on a body that is weakened after pregnancy and birth, is still recovering, is experiencing hormonal changes combined with sleepless nights and juggling new family life isn’t best for a woman’s body.

Exercise post-pregnancy needs to be specific to the changes that happened during pregnancy. Birth, afterwards and in the early months and even years, especially if you haven’t exercised or strengthened since having your baby.

Low impact cardiovascular exercises, like the ones in this video, reduce stress to your susceptible joints, and certain low impact exercises, such as the ones in this video will strengthen your core muscles too. The additions of the knee lift as the progression for the exercises that I show in this video help to engage your deep core muscle, the transverse muscle and the one which when strengthened gets you a flatter tummy.

If you feel you want a little ‘more’ then don’t worry; this postnatal workout low impact cardio gets your heart pumping and there are easier versions and progressively more challenging versions of the exercises too.

This video is for mothers who recently had their baby (post your postnatal or postpartum check-up) or for mothers who had their baby some time ago.

Which exercise🦵did you like best 👍? Tell me in the comments below.

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