healthy snacks to eat when pregnant

Losing the baby weight post pregnancy is on the wish list for many new mums and moms but what’s important is that you avoid dieting. To help you get back into shape safely whilst coping with sleepless nights and a new baby your postpartum diet should be about eating delicious, healthy nourishing foods with the right vitamins and nutrients to help improve muscle tone, reduce sugar cravings and boost your energy.

These top ten snacks are the ‘must eat’ post pregnancy super snacks to munch 0n whilst feeding your baby or in between meals. They are low in calories but high in vitamins and nutrients.

1. Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts

  • Walnuts provide skin strengthening omega 3 fats for helping firm up your skin.
  • Greek natural yogurt contains probiotic cultures, which help your digestion to help beat the bloat plus it has twice the protein content of regular yogurts so it’s good for helping improve muscle tone.

2. Blueberries

  • Blueberries have a high content of vitamin C for collagen and elastin production, these are components of the skin that keep it toned and firm. Great for helping tone your stomach muscles along with exercise.
  • These little gems are also rich in antioxidants, in fact they have the highest antioxidant content of any fruit. Antioxidants are nutrients which pass over a missing electron to free radicals, which are lacking an electron. Free radicals form from pollution, sugar, stress, oxidised fats, unprotected exposure to UV rays and some prescription drugs and can cause damage to your body’s cells.
  • Blueberries are a good source of dietary fibre to help ease digestion and to help beat the bloated feeling.

3. Popping corn with dark chocolate chips

  • Popcorn maize is another source of fibre for healthy digestion. Plus it has polyphenols, which are a form of antioxidants to help combat ageing of the skin.
  • Dark chocolate with a high cocoa or cacao percentage (at least 70%) contains catechins which contribute to preventing wrinkles and help raise levels of serotonin and endorphins in your brain to help make you feel better, happier and calmer.

4. Smoked mackerel pate with oatcakes

  • Mackerel contains vitamin D for energy, to help you deal with sleepless nights with a baby and boost your mood when you are struggling to cope with those sleepless nights.
  • It’s also a good source of omega 3 fats which contribute to healthier skin, hair and boosting collagen. Collagen is a part of the connective tissue that in the skin helps in firmness, suppleness and constant renewal of skin cells. It is vital for skin elasticity and help keep skin toned and firm.

5. Apple, nut butter and raisin sandwich

  • Nut butter is a good source of the essential fats and these fats help your brain health and mental clarity. The term ‘baby brain’ is no joke, it’s poor concentration, poor memory and rapid changes in mood. On average, a mother’s brain shrinks 5 percent during pregnancy, as it supports the growth of the baby and goes through the process of preparing for parenthood. Omega 3 fats help replenish your brain and nervous system following pregnancy.
  • The vitamin c in the apple helps boost a low immune system, which is typically low after having a baby.

6. Olives

  • Black or green olives (and the magenta colour too) are an easy to reach snack with vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants for healthy skin. They are also very low in calories.

7. Hard boiled egg with hummus

  • Eggs are a very good ‘complete’ source of high quality protein as they contain all eight essential amino acids; the ones we cannot make or found in our bodies but must obtain from our food. Protein helps repair muscles and improve muscle tone.
  • Hummus contains a lean source of protein for muscle tone and fibre for helping sustain your appetite.

8. Oatcakes with strawberry and ricotta topping

  • Ricotta cheese contains calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

Strawberries contain;

  • Vitamin C (one handful has even more vitamin C than an orange) for collagen building, to boost metabolism and increases fat burning.
  • Ellagic acid to help blood sugar balance and maintain healthy, youthful cells.

9. Rice cake topped with prawns and cream cheese

  • Wholegrain rice cakes are fat free and low in sugar which makes them a good snack choice that will keep your appetite satisfied without making your blood sugar levels soar to feel a crash of energy later. They are an easy to carry snack when you are out with your baby.

Prawns contain;

  • Protein for maintenance of muscle tone and repair.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for reducing inflammation, risk of heart disease, cancer and arthritis and healthy brain function.

10. Pepper slices with hummus

  • Red and yellow peppers are rich in vitamin C for helping collagen production for skin elasticity. They also provide vitamin B for healthy hair and lycopene for firm, elastic skin too, great for helping the muscles recover post pregnancy.
  • Hummus is a lean source of protein for muscle tone and fibre for sustaining the appetite.

For the days when only chocolate will do.

So many of us love chocolate but you need to think ‘quality not quantity’ with chocolate!
Only dark chocolate with a least 75% cocoa solids provides health benefits and nutrients, catechins for prevention of skin UV damage and improving blood flow and oxygen to the skin. It also stimulates serotinin and endorphin release, hormones to help lift your mood. Go for a portion of 2 squares of quality, dark chocolate, minimum of 75% cocoa solids.

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